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Where Underdogs Become Heroes

CoachAI is developing a community of sponsors and tech boot camps to build the worlds largest network of decentralized finance tech incubators for the gifted and underprivileged.

CoachAI Finance is a hybrid decentralized finance project on the Binance Smart Chain. Providing traditional finance benefits and RWA-real world assets. We seek to create value for our users by developing a number of use cases within the CoachAI Ecosystem.

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"would you rather invest in technology over humanity, or humanity over technology?"

About coachAi

What is CADT?


Our token, backed by the CoachAI treasury, is issued as a Donation Bond which consists of several direct benefits, referred to as our “Stack”, in the worlds first Hybrid Stack Token:

  • RWA-Real World Assets. CoachAI Treasury is the majority stakeholder of real estate equities in a growing portfolio of high performing Short Term Rental properties. (Tech Camps)
  • Traditional Finance Benefit. Donation Receipt for tax write-off. (US only, currently. International coming soon)
  • Decentralized Finance Benefit. A portfolio token stake in the CoachAI treasury. providing our sponsors 9% average monthly growth.
  • GameFI Benefit. Earn NFT points in the Marketplace by following  your “Camper” collection and their success roadmap in the Tech Camp and CAMP Marketplace.


  • “CAMP”, Our innovative NFT marketplace, profiles: 
  • Qualified Campers,
  • Limited Access  to Sponsor profiles. 
  • CoachAI’s Big 10  Collections 
  • Products and Services
    in the CoachAI ecosystem.
  • “CAMP” safely integrates with your top social media platforms!, so your Sponsor and Camper profiles stay updated with fresh content, and 
  • Promoted with our in house AI content creation, distribution and management team, Camp Agency. 
  • You can GIVE and RECEIVE..NOW!:
  • Traditional and DeFi benefits, as well as Become: 
  • An instant Social Impact Influencer, 100% hands free!


  • Our goal is  GROW: 
  • The Sponsor and Camper communities in CAMP Marketplace.
  •  The CoachAI Treasury, responsibly and sustainably.
  • The Tech Camp Portfolio starting with Block 1 (100 Single Family Home Tech Camp Conversions)
  • Revenues to sustain growth, excitement and continued development of the ecosystem.
  • Smash our block 10 milestone, for a total 1000 Tech Camps, graduating over 8000 campers every 6 months into the Hero Launchpad, an 18 month Tech Incubator where campers will go on to contribute to 
  • Positive Impact in our world through technology.

Tech Camps

  • Technology Sales Bootcamps serve as Brain, Body and Being centers for our campers, providing:
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Clothes
  • Infrastructure and Regimen to be their Best Selves, 
  • Individually and in Community
  • Trained Coaches facilitate the curriculum, daily. 
  • Our SFH Tech Camp Conversion model will graduate 2 campers per room per 6 monthsfrom Tech Camp into,
  • The Hero Launchpad.
  • Tech Camps are contemporary environments,
    built for:
  • Creative Productivity,
  • Personal development and
  • Preparation.


  • Seeking JV Partners NOW!

Financial Hub

  • CoachAI Finance is positioned to be a financial center to facilitate a multitude of use cases within the CoachAI and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems.
  • Fast and easy to setup and Sponsor
  • GameFi Point System allows Play to Earn in our gaming projects, 
  • Micro Pooling or Group Buy NFTs for Sponsors. 
  • CoachAI Lending leveraging existing assets to sponsor. 
  • HERO Launchpad Network is the footprint of the CoachAI Finance Ecosystem. 
  • The PRESENT CoachAI Finance includes: 
  • LENDING for our qualified JV partners. 
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • NFT Options –  GameFI 2.0. Bringing leverage trading to CAMP marketplace.
  • TrustPay – Pay for real-world items using your (DeFi) crypto balance. 




Tech Camps

Financial Hub

Coming Soon:


Tiered NFT Model

Grade A NFTs: 
Geo-registered on the blockchain as property index records

1. Properties – 3 (currently expanding. JV partners welcome HERE.)
2. Units within the properties – each bed is a camper unit.
3. Camper Profile – Occupants of each unit.
4. Hero Launchpad – CoachAI Scholarship Network – 18 month Tech Incubator

Grade B NFTs:
Projects the Campers engage in. Current Projects:

  1. Hardball City League GameFi
  2. Coach Alien Hunter GameFi
  3. Xolo Gods GameFi
  4. Bitcoin Rebel GameFi
  5. Tracksuit King – Physical and Virtual Fashion
  6. Gift Set – Food, Outreach, General Support

Why Coachai


 CoachAI is the mining of human potential at its most fertile point. Seeding, cultivating and redirecting that energy, then setting it free to impact the world. Our Sponsors support Campers through Tech Camp, and campers in turn, via CAMP Agency, promote sponsors contribution and impact, creating a mutually supportive marketplace. 


CoachAI is a decentralized asset-backed reserve currency based on the Binance Smart Chain. CoachAI is an Olympus Dao Hybrid, combining a social NFT Marketplace with a Real World Asset Ecosystem. The CoachAI protocol is DeFi 3.0. Our core applications are NFTs, Bonds, Staking, and the DAO. Additionally, our professional yield farming protocol will continue to build the treasury.  


CoachAI is backed by an increasing pool of USDC, BUSD, BNB and other assets. As the protocol builds more liquidity and reserves, the backing per CoachAI token (“CADT”) increases, creating a steadily rising price floor at which CADT is backed. our Treasury is 100% insured against loss, and managed by Fireblocks MPC technology. Chainalysis vets all of of our connecting wallets and outflows for long term security and longevity. 

Introducing CoachAI Pro

We’re offering Protocol Owned Liquidity to participating DAOs that are aligned with our goals.

How Does CoachAI Work?

LP fees and Donation Bonds

Revenue Streams

NFT and Donation Bond sales, Liquidity pool fees, Yield Farming and Tech Camp JV partner fees will help build the CoachAI Finance Treasury.

CoachAI Treasury

The treasury provides relative backing for the $CADT token. A portion of the treasury is invested in yield farming, and used to develop and launch products, services and projects to expand the Tech Camp portfolio, the ecosystem and bring more revenue to the treasury and our participants.

CoachAI Treasury

CADT Tokens

CoachAI’s unique token is worlds first Hybrid Stack Token. Hybrid refers to Real World assets, Traditional finance and Decentralized finance benefits. Stack refers to layered assets or a list of benefits. CADT is a deflationary rebase token. CADT holders earn rewards for staking a token with a decreasing supply.

How to Buy CADT and Sponsor a Camper?



1. Go to our dApp in menu bar, or click HERE.
2. Connect your Metamask wallet.
3. Make sure your on the Binance Smart Chain network, and make sure you have USDC, BUSD or BNB. If not, click HERE.
4. Add the CADT token.
If your wallet does not connect automatically, find “Add Custom Token” in your Metamask extension or mobile. enter CADT or the contract address:  0xF592503B1bf3DDC2594e4813ac32a2073441cC7b
5. You can now BUY CADT with USDC, BUSD or BNB
6. Go to CAMP Marketplace and setup your Sponsor profile

We have written a series of guides on how to bring funds from fiat and other networks into CADT. CLICK HERE

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